My New Favorit Actor =>Park Yoochun

I’ve watched sensory couple and suddenly like the main cast (Choi Mo Gak) a.k.a Park Yoo Chun. I Think he is very handsome and his personality like my husband, hehe..

The more i watch his movie, the more i like him. So I’m starting to watch all of his movie & drama, and find for all about him. This is his drama:

  1. Sungkyunwan Scandal – Lee Seon Joon (he is very cool in this drama) (2010)
  2. Miss Ripley – Directur Song/ yootaka (2011)
  3. Rooftop Prince – Lee Gak/ Tae Yong (2012)
  4. I Miss You – Han Jung Woo (2012-2013)
  5. Three Days – Han Tae Kyung (2014)
  6. Sensory couple as Choi Mo Gak (2015)

After a very long day, finally i found his real twitter account: 6002themickey and i found his real character n i like him more, huahaha.. these some sentences from him that i remember:

  1. be healthy and happy
  2. don’t cry u will be better from now on

now since he is still in military services, i will wait for his new movie/ drama. I’m very happy found a person that i adore & inspired me so much. hope we could met one day and be friend, Aamiin..


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